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6 Unexpected Uses of Personalized Ribbon

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

What do you use personalized ribbon for?

If you're a small business, the answer is usually gift wrap, gift wrap, gift wrap. It doesn't matter if you're opening a fancy box from a store or a gift from a friend. Untying a luxurious ribbon is always a memorable part of the package experience.

The rise of subscription services and growing interest in luxury experiences has made "unboxing" an important branding opportunity. For any company that uses packaging, personalized ribbons can make that unboxing experience even better.

But did you know that there are plenty of other ways to use personalized ribbon? Gift wrap is just one of many branding opportunities this unassuming strip of fabric can provide.

Curious about other personalized ribbon uses? Read on:

Dressing Up Giveaways

Goodie bags, freebies, swag—whatever you want to call them, plenty of businesses give things away for free.

Love of free stuff is wired deep into the human brain. So for many businesses, forging a connection between their company and that happy “it’s free!” feeling is more than worth the money they spend on giveaways.

But that crucial connection between freebie joy and a company name isn’t worth much if the recipient forgets where they got their gift. Personalized ribbon can be an easy, cost-effective way to reinforce that crucial connection.

There are many ways to incorporate personalized ribbon into freebies. If you're giving away objects that don't have your branding on them, such as candy bars, then simply wrapping a ribbon around them can do wonders. You can also use personalized ribbon to tie up gift bags or make elaborate, memorable bows on gifts.

Lanyards, IDs, and Face Masks

Lanyards and ID badges are ubiquitous for employees in many workplaces. And at least for the time being, face masks are everywhere, too. If you take the time to get a little crafty, personalized ribbon can help make these everyday objects memorable.

Personalized ribbon can be especially useful if you don't use full company uniforms. Personalized ribbon touches can help customers identify employees and boost in-person branding opportunities. Even if your employees don't have many face-to-face customer interactions, personalized accessories can improve company unity.

Check out this tutorial on turning a ribbon into a lanyard. Ribbons also add a pop of color to ordinary ID badges.

Face masks might not be common practice forever. But for now, you can use personalized ribbon to design facemask holders and "ear savers", or even incorporate the ribbon into the mask design.

Creative Event Decoration

How do you make an event feel extra-special? Putting care and thought into decorations can go a long way.

Using personalized ribbon for those decorations can help, too. Personalization helps the people being celebrated feel valued, whether they’re employees at a company party or the bride and groom at a wedding.

Luckily, ribbon is an especially versatile tool for event decorating.

Try using personalized ribbon to decorate chairs and doorways or compliment floral arrangements. It can tie up utensil packages for special picnics, hold together a bride’s wedding bouquet, and provide color accents to photo backdrops. The only limit to your event ribbon ideas is your creativity.

Branded Decoration for Customer Areas

So maybe you don’t want to work somewhere that looks like a birthday party every day. Does that mean you can still use personalized ribbons to decorate?


Try using ribbon to garland a Christmas tree or provide a custom scarf for decorative figurines. If you’re ready to dive into a crafts project, you can also use ribbons to make decorative wreaths or "ribbon chandeliers".

Personalized ribbon decorations can turn customer-facing areas into valuable branding opportunities. A storefront window, a waiting area, or a space for customer consultations can all incorporate personalized ribbon decorations for an extra branding punch.

Personalizing Clothing and Crafts

Knitting, crocheting, and sewing have become more and more popular pastimes over the past few years. And that was before Covid lockdowns triggered an explosion of interest in home crafts projects. People of all ages and backgrounds have returned to fiber crafts for fashion, sustainability, and fun.

All of that’s to say that you probably know someone who makes clothing and accessories—or maybe you make them yourself!

Personalized ribbons are perfect for incorporating into handmade clothing, whether you're creating a few clothes for a new baby or a whole Etsy-based fashion empire. Try using them as laces, drawstrings, hemming material, or “made by” tags. This personalized touch helps make fabric projects feel even more unique and special.

Making a Fashion Statement

Is putting ribbons in your hair out-of-date?


This old beauty practice has made a resurgence among women looking for a timeless, romantic look.

Red carpet actresses, fashion models, and even members of the royal family like to wear ribbons as headbands or tied around buns and ponytails. Your ribbon fashion can be minimalistic and sleek, or it can be huge and attention-grabbing—like singer Sia’s iconic hairbow.

Whenever you can style your hair with a ribbon, you can use a personalized ribbon. A small ribbon accessory gives a tasteful, subtle nod to a personal cause or brand, while an attention-grabbing personalized ribbon look makes a big statement.

Personalized Ribbon, Endless Possibilities

Marketing and branding for any size business can be tough. But it's especially hard when you're a smaller business that needs to make the most of any branding tool you have.

That's what makes personalized ribbon such a great choice for businesses of all sizes. From gift wrap to event decorations to fashion statements, the personalized ribbon is one of the most versatile crafting tools in the book.

Interested in custom ribbon for your business? Armoteks has a family tradition of providing high-quality, unique ribbons for all business needs. Contact us today to learn more about getting the perfect personalized ribbon.

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