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The Total Package: A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Ribbon

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Did you know that the concept of a ribbon dates back to 6000 BC? Well, it's true! Over the years since then, the ribbon has been used for its original functional purposes, but it has more commonly become associated with both men's and women's fashion throughout European history.

Today, you can purchase nearly infinite types of ribbon for tying packages, making clothes, decorating homes, and creating art. Here, we're going to talk about some of the best ribbon types that you can use in everyday applications, so read on for some ideas about which is the best style for your needs!

Satin Ribbon

Satin ribbons are one of the most common styles on the market. Made from 100% polyester double-face satin, these ribbons are as smooth as can be. This makes them perfect for fancier applications that require aesthetically pleasing and durable materials.

You can purchase these styles in a multitude of colors including cool blues, royal purples, and sunny yellows. Satin ribbons are by far the simplest-looking high-quality ribbon on the market, but they're a classic for a reason. They go with everything and never go out of style.

Organza Ribbon

Do you love the simple unicolor aesthetic of satin ribbons? Do you want to put a twist on this design and get a sheer alternative? If the answer to both of these questions is 'yes,' then an organza ribbon might be the perfect choice for your needs.

These ribbons are nearly entirely transparent and feature a single color. Woven from high-quality polyester yarn, you can see each stitch when looking at these beautiful ribbons up close. They also can have small shining glitter woven into them to showcase a classy and timeless glow.

Sheer Ribbon

Sheer ribbon is more finely woven than Organza ribbon is, but it still has the transparent look that you love. Because of their simple appeal, these styles are often used for floral arrangements at weddings and decorative accents on other special occasions. If you're organizing one of these events or create products used at them, this is a great choice.

Like all of our ribbons, we offer sheer options in many different colors and widths. You can get these ribbons from 3mm across all the way to 70mm. This makes them perfect for all applications since they can be woven or used in projects of all sizes.

Metallic Ribbon

Metallic ribbon comes in all styles and sizes, but many of them are simply radiant versions of sheer ribbon. These ribbons gleam and glimmer with metallic-hued polyester in silver, gold, bronze, blue, red, and more.

Not all of these ribbons are sheer or even partly see-through, though. It all depends on how densely woven the ribbons are. Some appear to be opaque and shining, which makes for amazing bows on commercial package wrapping or gorgeous dresses and blouses for creative fashionistas.

Pull Bow Ribbon

Pull bow ribbon has long been hailed as the best ribbon for packages because of its intricate and gorgeous appearance. They're made from multiple pieces of polyester saying woven together. You can plainly see that there are larger pieces of ribbon on the outside and smaller pieces on the inside.

When the larger pieces of ribbon are pulled back, you'll see an intricate looping bow. You can pull the ends of the ribbon to make this bow larger or smaller. It's easy to make your gift wrap look appealing and well-put-together without putting a lot of effort into creating a bow.

Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbons are similar to traditional satin. However, they're significantly more textured since they're characterized by small vertical indentations that span the with of the ribbon. These ribbons are a popular choice for mass-producing products or packaging large amounts of items because they're easy to work with and highly appealing.

You can also get a lot of different styles of grosgrain ribbon. They can come with small polka dots across their surface or multicolored stripes. If you're looking for an easy way to make your package or project stand out, this is an excellent way to go.

Petersham Ribbon

Petersham ribbon may look like its grosgrain alternatives, but the two are actually quite different. Petersham ribbon has a scalloped edge in contrast with grosgrain's straight and simple lines.

It also has a ridge-like texture because of its weaving process but tends to be softer than grosgrain. This means that it can be curved, curled, and manipulated while grosgrain only works for straight-line applications.

This ribbon is not made from 100% polyester yarn as most of the options we sell are. Instead, it's made from multiple materials including rayon, cotton, and viscose/polyester.

Gingham Ribbon

Gingham ribbon is made from a beautiful taffeta wave. These ribbons feel completely like soft fabric while being made from durable polyester. They're perfect for floral bouquets and packaging up boxes of chocolate.

The main appeal of gingham ribbon, though, is its plaid pattern. This nostalgic style is both casual and sophisticated. You can get them in tons of different colors, but the plaid pattern is a classy constant.

Personalized Ribbon

Finally, if you're an independent seller or an individual who wants unique packaging, a personalized ribbon is a great option. These can come in a wide range of styles because you can print any pattern that you want on them. From hearts to arrows to simple X's and O's, there are loads of simple options available for custom ribbons.

Still, nothing beats a ribbon that features custom text. You can write phrases such as 'I love you' or 'happy birthday' and wrap pre-made gifts with them for sale. If you're looking for something even more personal, you can order a ribbon with names and initials on them for special occasions.

Get Your Favorite Types of Ribbon Today

Since there are many types of ribbon out there, there's certain to be something that works for your packaging needs. Now that you know what some of the main types of ribbons are and how you can determine the right option for your specifications, it's time to get started.

Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about packaging ribbon. Our experts are happy to discuss your individual needs and aesthetic preferences so that you can get the perfect style for your applications. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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