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How to Make a Great First Impression With Custom Branded Packaging

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Custom Branded Packaging

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It's no secret that proper branding goes a long way toward determining the future success of your company. Although often overlooked, custom branded packaging is one of the greatest ways that you can connect with your audience.

But, not everybody knows the benefits that he provides. Let's explore everything you should know about it.

Brand Awareness Cultivating brand awareness for your company is one of the largest benefits of using custom branded packaging.

You can display various creative assets of your brand. These include your font, logo, slogan, etc. Over time, people will begin to immediately recognize your brand based on these elements, even if they encounter your company in a different manner.

It's also important to consider the power that a high level of branding can have. For example, when you think of athletic apparel products, there's a strong chance that your mind immediately jumps to a few different companies (Nike, Adidas, etc.). This gives those businesses a strong advantage over their competitors.

You can achieve the same thing for your company in your industry with custom packaging.

Include Relevant Info Since you'll have full control over the visual elements of your package, you can include information you normally wouldn't. This could include info about a social media campaign or an ongoing contest. It could also include coupons/promotional offers.

Not only will this streamline the action you wish for your consumers to take, but it also allows your product to be more eye-catching in comparison to competing brands. As such, you will likely find that this greatly boosts the overall effectiveness of any ongoing campaigns your business is running.

In many cases, brands also choose to completely design the visuals of the packages to align with the associated campaign. For example, a brand that is running a promotion to raise awareness of the effects of climate change might deviate from its traditional color palette. In this case, they might include more earth tones and vibrant greens.

The possibilities are endless. So, be sure to consider what changes could help your packaging convey your message more effectively.

Brand Personality Some brands can get away with minimalist design when it comes to illustrating the personality of their company. Nike, for example, has plenty of brand power through the use of a notoriously simple logo.

For companies that are not as established, however, product packaging can be a great way to convey to your audience what your brand is all about. The primary way that brands accomplish this is through the use of particular fonts and colors.

These will help evoke specific emotions from your audience and get them in a mindset that resonates with your company. The same can be said about your packaging's visual design as a whole.

Additionally, reusing old designs can also have a powerful impact on longtime customers of your brand. This was highly evident through Mountain Dew's recent 'Throwback' campaign that served as an homage to the brand's original packaging design.

Added Value There's a strong difference between a simple cardboard box and a package that has been specifically crafted. Both accomplish the same task, but one creates a far more impactful impression on the consumer.

Custom branded packaging can add value in a similar way as long as it is handled appropriately.

For example, you may choose to wrap your packages with a ribbon made from high-quality material in order to add an extra touch to its overall design. This will create a feeling of luxury and personalization without additional cost.

Although not a factor of outstanding magnitude, some individuals purchase items based solely on the quality of the packaging. This means that they will always choose the brand with the most attractive package design out of a group of similar products.

So, keep this information in mind when determining whether or not investing in custom packaging is appropriate for your business.

Brand Consistency In order for branding to work effectively, every element of your branding efforts will need to align. This means that you should strive for the highest quality possible in every creative category that you have influence over.

To elaborate, selling a high-quality product in a low-quality package is a surefire way to negatively affect your sales numbers.

Instead, everything about your brand should be consistent. Having a high-quality package to accommodate a high-quality product will go a long way when it comes to your company's branding.

But, quality isn't the only concern. The design of your custom package should also complement the product itself.

This means that the chosen colors and fonts should also align with the inherent feelings that your product evokes for your consumers.

For instance, you won't find a hardware brand that uses a thin, wispy font printed on a pink box. Instead, bold colors with a strong, bold font are used in order to maintain a level of consistency between the product and its packaging.

By having the freedom to custom design your package, you'll be able to prevent brand consistency issues in the future.

Custom Branded Packaging Is Essential for Proper Branding And it's imperative that you don't overlook the utility it provides. From here, you’ll be able to make full use of custom branded packaging and get the results that you're after. Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.


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