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Puff Print Satin Ribbon


Raised Ink Print

Discover the world of Raised ink printed ribbons with our Puff Printing technique.

Elevate your branding and packaging to a new level of luxury and class.

Our 3D effect offers premium texture and can be applied to various textured ribbons. With washability and customization

of up to 3 Pantone colors in Matte or Metallic finishes, we bring your unique vision to life.

While minimum order quantities and production times apply our factory ensures top-quality results.


Contact our friendly sales representatives for more information and personalized details

Puff Print Ribbon

The Benefits of 

Puff Printed Ribbons


3-Dimensional Effect


Luxury and Class

Puff printing creates a raised, three-dimensional texture on the ribbon, adding depth and dimension to your design. This unique effect makes your ribbons visually and tactilely appealing.



Puff printing allows for customization of designs with up to three Pantone colors. This means you can match your ribbons to your branding, theme, or specific color requirements.

The textured, raised ink effect conveys a sense of luxury and sophistication, making puff printed ribbons an excellent choice for premium branding and high-end packaging. They can elevate the perceived value of your products.


Professional appearance

The raised ink effect provides a  professional look, making puff printed ribbons an excellent choice for enhancing product packaging, gift wrapping, special events, and branding.

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