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Paper Ribbon

Paper Ribbons


Ribbons made of paper, also known as paper ribbons or paper tape, offer a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fabric ribbons. 

Eco-Friendly Choice 

Paper ribbons are biodegradable and recyclable, making them a more environmentally conscious option compared to some other ribbon materials.


Available in different widths, lengths, and textures, paper ribbons offer versatility and flexibility in creative endeavours, allowing for a range of artistic expressions.


Paper ribbons are commonly used for decorative purposes in crafts, gift wrapping, shopping bags, chocolate boxes and many other products. They come in various patterns widths and colours, allowing for customization and creativity in projects.

Armoteks our paper ribbons are  OKEO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.

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Paper Ribbons

Explore our exquisite 100% eco-friendly woven herringbone paper webbing, designed for sustainability and durability. Available in various widths, its superior composition ensures remarkable resilience.

Perfect for adorning bows, labelling, packaging, decorating, crafting, and enhancing gifts and bouquets, our woven paper tape offers unparalleled versatility.

Crafted with environmental consciousness, our woven paper ribbon is entirely recyclable, embodying our commitment to eco-friendly production practices. As dedicated manufacturers, we offer tailored solutions.

Choose from a variety of widths and a spectrum of colors to suit your unique creative vision.

Let your imagination flourish with our eco-conscious woven paper ribbon.

Make a sustainable statement without compromising on quality.


Reach out to elevate your projects with our eco-friendly woven herringbone paper tape.

This version emphasizes the sustainability, versatility, and customization options of your woven paper tape, encouraging customers to embrace environmentally friendly options for their creative projects.


Woven Paper Tapes

Woven Paper Tape

Woven paper tapes are versatile and eco-friendly ribbons made from %100 paper material woven in different patterns.

Paper Ribbons

Woven Herringbone Paper Tape

A herringbone paper ribbon is a specific type of ribbon crafted from paper material and woven in a herringbone pattern. 

Woven Grosgrain Paper Tape

Woven Grosgrain Paper Tape

Grosgrain paper tape refers to a type of paper ribbon that mimics the texture and appearance of grosgrain fabric

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