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Petersham Ribbons

Petersham Ribbons

Petersham ribbons, commonly confused with grosgrain ribbon. Petersham Ribbon can be identified mainly by its scalloped edge.


Our high-quality Petersham Ribbon is pliable, curves beautifully.

It is perfect for garments, hats, hobbies and crafts. This ribbon also makes elegant gift wrapping.

Pethersham Ribbon

Petersham VS


What is the difference between the two?

  • Petersham Ribbon has a scalloped edge while the Grosgrain Ribbon has a straight edge. 

  • Petersham Ribbon has a ridge-like texture due to its weaving process.

  • Petersham Ribbon tends to be softer than Grosgrain but strong.

  • Petersham Ribbon can be curved and manipulated, unlike grosgrain ribbon.

  • Typically Petersham Ribbon is made from Rayon, Cotton,  Viscose or Polyester while Grosgrain Ribbon is made of %100 Polyester Yarn.

Grosgrain Ribbon



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