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Screen Ink Printed Ribbon


Screen Ink Print

Screen ink printed ribbons are ribbons that have been decorated or customized using screen printing techniques.

Screen printing is a printing method that involves pushing ink through a mesh screen onto a substrate, such as fabric, paper, or ribbon. This process is often used for creating high-quality, durable, and vibrant designs on various materials.


In the context of ribbons, screen ink printing can be used to add intricate patterns, logos, text, or other graphics to personalize and enhance the appearance of the ribbon. These printed ribbons are commonly used for various purposes, such as chocolate boxes, cupcake boxes, gift wrapping, decorative purposes, branding, and special events.


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Screen Ink Printed Satin Ribbon

The Benefits of 

Screen Ink Printed Ribbons





Screen printing allows for precise and detailed customization, making it suitable for adding unique designs, company logos, or event-related graphics to ribbons.



Screen ink printing can be applied to different types of ribbons, including satin, grosgrain, and organza, depending on the desired look and feel.

Screen-printed designs are typically long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for ribbons used in gifts, promotions, and events.


Professional appearance

The high-quality printing process ensures that the printed ribbons have a polished and professional appearance, making them suitable for various formal occasions and branding purposes.

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